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Overview of Services

Amy Ficklin DeBrotaThe DeBrota Law Firm LLC has a statewide Indiana employment law practice in the following areas:

Get Started Representation for Employees

If you would like a free email review of your employment situation, or claim for unpaid wages, please complete and submit our Initial Case Review form.

We will contact you within one to two business days, if we believe you may have a viable legal claim against your current or former employer.

Due to the large volume of initial review requests we receive, we can not always respond to all email contacts and we do not respond to telephone inquiries unless the caller has first submitted a completed Initial Case Review form for review. Ms. DeBrota represents employees in litigation, but she accepts a relatively small number of meritorious cases and only those which are not likely to be resolved through mediation and where, after careful consideration, the employee has determined that litigation is the proper course of action.

Get Started Telephone/Skype Consultation

Free advice is sometimes worth exactly what you pay for it. If you would like a Telephone/Skype Consultation with Ms. DeBrota for up to one hour, please complete and submit our Telephone/Skype Consultation form. Ms. DeBrota will review the information you submit and contact you within one to two business days to schedule a Telephone/Skype Consultation appointment. Office consultations are also available at an hourly rate fee based on the length of the meeting.

Get Started Document Review and Consultation

It is wise to consult an attorney before signing a severance package, non-compete agreement, employment contract or other similar employment-related legal documents. A review and consultation regarding the legal implications of various different kinds of documents will allow you to make an informed decision regarding your options and any potential legal consequences. If you would like a Document Review and Consultation, please complete our Document Review and Consultation form. Within one to two business days, Ms. DeBrota will review your completed form and the documents in question and contact you to schedule a Telephone/Skype Consultation, for up to one hour. The Document Review and Consultation fee is $400.

Get Started Representation for Employers

If your business has received notice of a current or former employee’s claim from the employee in question, an attorney, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a court summons, and you would like to speak with Ms. DeBrota about the possibility of representation contact her immediately.  There are very important deadlines of which you must be mindful and which have potentially dire consequences if missed.  You should speak to an attorney immediately. 

Get Started Human Resources Counsel

If you are an employer who would like to improve your employment policies and procedures, help your workplace run more smoothly, retain good employees and decrease the likelihood of employment related litigation, contact Ms. DeBrota about Human Resources Counsel services. Depending upon the nature of the consultation needed, fees can be either hourly or on a project basis.

Get Started Employment Mediation

Whether you are an employee experiencing a problem on the job, or an employer with a current or former employee who has raised legal issues which could lead to litigation, it is usually best for everyone concerned to try to work out a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict. Ms. DeBrota is a registered Indiana mediator and is available to mediate cases pending in any county in Indiana or in federal court. She is willing to travel for mediations or can host sessions in her office. The fee for mediation services is $200 per hour. Typically, the cost of mediation is split by the participants. If you would like to avoid litigation by participating in pre-lawsuit Mediation, or are already embroiled in a lawsuit, please complete a Employment Mediation Request Form and Ms. DeBrota will contact you as soon as possible regarding available dates.


"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."
Theodore Roosevelt

The DeBrota Law Firm LLC, an Indianapolis based employment law firm, provides mediation services, consultations and employee or employer litigation representation in central Indiana and throughout the state. Amy Ficklin DeBrota represents employees with claims for unpaid wages or overtime, unpaid commissions, breach of employment contract, discrimination, equal pay, retaliation, whistleblower actions, as well as other types of employment related legal claims under federal and Indiana state law. She has special interest and experience in representing nurses, doctors, veterinarians and other health care professionals with their employment issues. Further, she provides consultations with small and medium sized employers who are interested in avoiding employment based lawsuits. Ms. DeBrota is not only a lawyer. She is also a registered Indiana mediator who is available to travel to or host mediations regarding employment disputes, personal injury claims, and general civil litigation. She has the legal knowledge and years of experience to allow her to effectively communicate with individuals who are experienced with the law, and with those for whom the legal system is unfamiliar, in order to help everyone concerned realize the benefits of an agreed settlement. Ms. DeBrota is a dedicated, effective Indiana employment law attorney and mediator based in Indianapolis, Indiana.