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Referring Attorneys

Experienced and Effective Referral or Local Counsel

Most of our clients are referred to us by other attorneys. Through years of experience, we have become familiar with the many reasons, both legal and practical, that compel attorneys to refer cases or seek local counsel, including:

  • The referring attorney recognizes the need for local counsel with knowledge of judges, attorneys, local rules or other aspects unique to the geographic area in which the case will be heard.
  • The referring attorney is not interested in trying cases.
  • The referring attorney does not have the subject matter expertise required to handle the case.
  • The complexity, scale or time consuming nature of the case mandates that the originating attorney refers it to a firm capable of handling the volume of expected work.
  • Conflicts of interest prevent attorneys from handling matters themselves, thus making case referrals to other counsel necessary.
  • An opportunity for co-counsel representation may arise in cases where there are multiple defendants and a conflict necessitates a referral.
  • For financial, personal, or other non-legal reasons, the referring attorney simply does not wish to represent the client.

Amy DeBrota is not only an accomplished litigator with the skill, experience, and tenacity required for complex cases, but she is also experienced in taking referred cases and working them up for trial in the time available. Ms. DeBrota has helped small and medium sized employers develop human resources policies and procedures to lower the risk of employment related litigation. If you have a client to refer or would like to engage co-counsel or local counsel, contact Amy DeBrota.

"The confidence which we have in ourselves gives birth to much of that which we have in others."
Francois De La Rochefoucauld

The DeBrota Law Firm LLC, an Indianapolis based employment law firm, provides mediation services, consultations and employee or employer litigation representation in central Indiana and throughout the state. Amy Ficklin DeBrota represents employees with claims for unpaid wages or overtime, unpaid commissions, breach of employment contract, discrimination, equal pay, retaliation, whistleblower actions, as well as other types of employment related legal claims under federal and Indiana state law. She has special interest and experience in representing nurses, doctors, veterinarians and other health care professionals with their employment issues. Further, she provides consultations with small and medium sized employers who are interested in avoiding employment based lawsuits. Ms. DeBrota is not only a lawyer. She is also a registered Indiana mediator who is available to travel to or host mediations regarding employment disputes, personal injury claims, and general civil litigation. She has the legal knowledge and years of experience to allow her to effectively communicate with individuals who are experienced with the law, and with those for whom the legal system is unfamiliar, in order to help everyone concerned realize the benefits of an agreed settlement. Ms. DeBrota is a dedicated, effective Indiana employment law attorney and mediator based in Indianapolis, Indiana.